Egg freezing is the procedure of freezing and storing the egg cells (oocyte) yumurta hücrelerinin (oosit) collected from the ovary of the female to be later used in IVF treatment. To that end, egg growth treatment is started on the 2nd/3rd day of menstruation cycle using hormone needles, which lasts for 10 to 15 days. The state of the eggs is monitored 3 or 4 times via ultrasound check-ups. Once the eggs have reached the sufficient size, a hatching needle is injected, and after 36 hours, egg retrieval procedure is carried out through vaginal ultrasound under general anesthesia. This process takes an average of 15 minutes. The eggs are frozen using Vitrification (rapid freezing) method, which has been competently and successfully utilized by the laboratory specialists at Vitrifikasyon (hızlı dondurmaEuroIVF since its first use to date, and stored in liquid nitrogen tanks at a temperature of -196 Celsius degrees until the prospective mother undergoes IVF treatment to have a baby.

Who Are Eligible For Egg Freezing Procedure?

Thanks to the developments in the field of IVF, any young, married or single women with low egg reserve has the chance to have their eggs frozen to become a mother at any time she desires. genç, evli, bekar her kadın yumurtalarını dondurup istediği zaman anne olma şansını elde edebilimektedir.

  • Patients diagnosed with cancer before starting treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy that are harmful to egg cells
  • Before surgical operations that lead to the loss of reproductive functions (i.e. ovary removal surgery...) ameliyatların öncesinde (yumurtalıkların alınması gibi…),
  • Women with a family history of early menopause, or those with low egg reserve and have not been pregnant before
  • Women who want to preserve their fertility

The Importance of Selecting the Right Center in Egg Freezing

Just like for many IVF procedures, an IVF center that can offer egg freezing service to employ an embryology laboratory with a strong technological substructure and, of course, an experienced and qualified staff that is capable of running it properly and effectively is highly crucial for the proper performance of Egg Freezing procedure as well. embriyoloji laboratuvarı ve elbette o laboratuvarı etkin ve doğru şekilde yönetecek deneyimli, yetkin kadrosunun olması pek çok ivf işleminde olduğu gibi Yumurta Dondurmanın doğru şekilde yapılması için büyük önem taşır.

Known for its successful implementation of all IVF methods and techniques with proven efficiency, EuroIVF Laboratory has a qualified team of specialists who have been performing egg freezing procedures through "vitrification method" since 2006, long before many other IVF laboratories. Rapid Freezing Technique, or 'vitrification', which considerably improves the success rate of egg freezing, requires a team of specialists with fitting experience in their field. The success rate of the laboratory of the center of your choosing not only affects the rapid and proper freezing of your eggs, but their rapid and proper thawing as well.vitrifikasyon yöntemi‘ ile gerçekleştiren yetkin bir kadroya sahiptir. Yumurta dondurmada başarıyı katlayan Hızlı Dondurma Tekniği yani ‘vitrifikasyon‘ uygulaması bu işlem için alanında uzman kadroya ihtiyaç duyar. Yumurtalarınızın sadece hızlı ve doğru dondurulması değil, hızlı ve doğru şekilde çözülmesi de tercih ettiğiniz merkezin laboratuvar başarısına bağlıdır.

In women with low egg reserve or facing the risk of early menopause, the number and quality of eggs are already at risk. Thus, it is of utmost importance that experienced embryologists take part in the freezing and thawing process.