Tandem IVF offered at our EuroIVF Cyprus Center is a treatment method we prefer to increase pregnancy chance in future mothers with low ovarian reserve. adaylarında gebelik şansını artırmak için Young donor eggs are used in tandem with our patient's own eggs to to increase pregnancy chance, thus improving the success chance of the treatment. genç yaştaki donör yumurtaları da kullanılarak gebelik şansı artırılır. Böylece tedavinin başarı şansı artırılmış olur.

In Tandem IVF treatment, we administer medication to our patients to ensure egg development. EuroIVF Cyprus IVF Center provides personalized treatments, where medication doses are determined after prospective mothers have undergone health assessment, hormone tests and ultrasonography examinations carried out by our doctors. The egg donor of the prospective mother, that is, the donor giving the young and healthy eggs also simultaneously undergoes treatment.

At the end of the treatment, we initiate the egg retrieval process, where the donor eggs are retrieved from the prospective mother and the donor at separate times to preserve donor privacy.

Who Are Recommended Tandem Cycle Treatment?

  • As EuroIVF Cyprus IVF Center, we recommend Tandem IVF treatment for; Premenopausal prospective mothers aged 40 and older,
  • Prospective mothers with low ovarian reserve,
  • Patients who have previously undergone IVF treatment using their own eggs, but unable to achieve fertilization, or able to achieve fertilization but failed to become pregnant, due to low egg count or poor egg quality,
  • Patients who have sufficient ovarian reserve and positive test and examination results but still cannot achieve pregnancy through natural means or IVF treatment.

As Euroivf Cyprus IVF Center, we recommend Tandem IVF treatment.